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Baoji Hua Ming Non-ferrous Metal limited Company is located in the “ Chinese Titanium Valley”—— Baoji, Shaanxi Province. The company takes the deep processing of refractory and rare precious metal as the top priority. Employees in the technical team are all experienced in the field of rare metal industry.


Advanced manufacturing technique as well as updated production equipment and checking equipment are all adopted in the company. The main products of the company includes: the material and the deep processed products of rare precious and refractory metal, various vacuum filming target, industrial furnace as well as vacuum firing furnace heating chamber ( molybdenum thermo screen in the vacuum firing furnace, heater band, molybdenum knighthead, molybdenum screw, molybdenum liner plate, molybdenum pot, molybdenum electrode bar and so on), TZM board, and various boards, sheets, sticks, bars, threads, pipes, rings, cups, disks, pots and other heterotype items that made of tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, zirconium, titanium, chromium and nickel.


The products produced by the company are applied in various industries such as rare earth, magnetic material, iron and steel, machine, metallurgy, glass, petrol chemistry, defense research, space flight, vacuuming metaling. The laboratory of the Baoti Group has received many commissions to detect the ingredient and performance of each product’s raw material. In the process of producing the products, various measurements will be done in the process of production-manufacturing,working procedure, briquette test, after-sale service to ensure the quality of the products.


We will take quality and reputation as the top priority and provide high-quality product and first-class service as well. We are waiting for you!


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